Soal tentang Expressing Supposition
Soal tentang Expressing Supposition

Soal tentang Expressing Supposition

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Soal tentang Expressing Supposition UNBK SMA – Expressing Supposition sama dengan conditional sentences yang juga digunakan untuk menyatakan pengandaian yang kita sendiri tidak bisa menjamin akan kenyataan yang akan terjadi kelak. Untuk menyatakan pengandaian, gunakanlah ungkapan-ungkapan berikut
• If I win the competition, I will treat my friends
• If Dona has spare time, she will visit the town park
• If we have a long holiday, we will go to Lombok
• If Farid receives a scholarships, his parents will be proud

Soal tentang Expressing Supposition
Soal tentang Expressing Supposition

Contoh Soal dan Pembahasan Soal tentang Expressing Supposition 

1. Girl : You look serious reading the announcement.
Boy : Yes, I am interested to participate in the student exchange programme
Girl : If you are appointed, then you will stay abroad
Boy : You`re right. That`s why I need to improve my English skill

Narrator : What should the boy do if he stays abroad?

A.He should study hard
B.He should call his family
C.He should be a dilligent student
D.He should speak English fluently
E.He should ask for his parents` permission.
Jawaban : D

2. Woman : Which way should we take? Sould we turn right or left?
Man : Let me see the map. O gosh, I left it at home. How could we reach the waterfall?
Woman : Aren`t there any signs showing the way?
Man : No, there aren`t.
Woman : If we don`t find any signs, we can ask a villager

Narrator : What would happen if the man brought a map?

A.They would be lost
B.They would meet a villager
C.They would arrive home soon
D.They would find a way home
E.They would find a way to the waterfall
Jawaban : E

Contoh Soal dan Pembahasan Soal tentang Expressing Supposition

3. Buyer : How much is it, Sir?
Seller : Which one?
Buyer : Pineapple
Seller : A pineapple is Rp 12.000
Buyer : If I can Rp 9.000, I will buy five
Seller : I can`t, it is fixed Rp 12.000
Buyer : Can I get the discount more?
Seller : Sorry, I can`t. It is the price
Buyer : Ok, I buy 2 pineapples only

Narrator : What should happen if the price of pineapple Rp 9.000?
A. The buyer will not buy
B. The seller will reduce the price
C. The buyer will buy 5 pieces
D. The buyer will buy 2 pieces
E. The seller will not decrease
Jawaban : C

4. Wulan : What is your business in the Saturday night?
Eka : Can be going to Grandmother`s home. Why?
Wulan : I would like to invite to spending time in Bamboo café
Eka : I will call you if I do not go to my grandmother`s home
Wulan : Ok, but you have give the decision around 7 night
Eka : Ok

Narrator : What would happen if Eka doesn`t go to his grandmother`s home?
A. She will not notify Wulan
B. She will notify Wulan
C. She will be home to his grandmother
D. She will not go home wulan
E. She will go alone to Bamboo café
Jawaban : B


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